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Dragon Boat Festival holiday notice

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Dragon Boat Festival holiday notice


Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional Chinese holiday celebrated on the 5th day of the 5th month of the lunar calendar. This festival has a rich history and cultural significance in Chinese society.

2.Origins and Legends

The origins of Dragon Boat Festival can be traced back over 2,000 years to ancient China. There are several legends associated with this festival, but the most popular one is the story of Qu Yuan. Qu Yuan was a famous poet and statesman who lived during the Warring States period. When his country fell into turmoil, he drowned himself in the Miluo River out of despair. To commemorate his sacrifice, people began the tradition of Dragon Boat Racing and throwing Zongzi into the river to prevent the fish from eating Qu Yuan's body.


3.Date and Significance

Dragon Boat Festival falls on the 5th day of the 5th month according to the lunar calendar, which usually corresponds to June in the Gregorian calendar. The number "5" is considered auspicious in Chinese culture, representing balance and harmony. This festival marks the arrival of summer and is a time for people to ward off evil spirits and pray for good health and fortune.

4.Traditional Activities

During Dragon Boat Festival, various traditional activities take place throughout China. People hang up colorful silk threads and herbs to repel evil spirits and diseases. Some also wear colorful silk threads around their wrists to bring good luck. Families often clean their houses and set up altars to honor their ancestors. Additionally, children wear colorful silk pouches called "bu" to protect them from evil spirits.

5.Zongzi: The Special Treat

Zongzi is a traditional Chinese delicacy and an essential part of Dragon Boat Festival. These pyramid-shaped sticky rice dumplings are wrapped in bamboo leaves and filled with a variety of ingredients such as meats, beans, and nuts. Zongzi is steamed or boiled for several hours, resulting in a fragrant and flavorful treat. It is believed that eating Zongzi during this festival brings good luck and protects against evil spirits.


6.Dragon Boat Racing

Dragon Boat Racing is one of the most exciting and popular activities during Duanwu Festival. Teams of rowers paddle in long narrow boats decorated like dragons. The rhythmic beating of drums sets the pace as the boats race through the water. This tradition originated from the attempt to rescue Qu Yuan's body from the river. Dragon Boat Racing symbolizes unity, teamwork, and the spirit of overcoming obstacles.


7.Festive Decorations

Decorations play an essential role in creating a festive atmosphere during Duanwu Festival. People decorate their homes and streets with colorful ornaments, such as dragon-shaped lanterns, sachets filled with herbs, and images of Zhong Kui, a legendary figure who wards off evil spirits. These decorations add vibrancy and joy to the celebration and are believed to bring blessings and good fortune to households.


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