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International Relations Strengthened: Successful Visit of UK Clients

Views: 19     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-07-21      Origin: Site

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International Relations Strengthened: Successful Visit of customer

Recently marked a significant milestone for Shanghai Wallis Plastic company  as we welcomed esteemed clients from the United Kingdom. The visit proved to be an exceptional opportunity to foster international business relations and showcase our exceptional products. The highlight of the visit was an enchanting English afternoon tea hosted by the clients themselves.

The CEO of Shanghai Wallis Plastic company, expressed his enthusiasm about the visit, stating, "We are truly honored to host such distinguished clients from the UK. This visit signifies not only the strengthening of our existing business ties but also opens up new horizons of collaboration. We are confident that this meeting will lay the foundation for a successful and enduring partnership.”


Business and Pleasure - A Perfect Blend

1.Introducing Our Products

Amidst the relaxed atmosphere, we seamlessly integrated discussions about our products into the conversation. The friendly environment provided an excellent platform to present our offerings, explaining their benefits and relevance to our clients.

1.1.Fluorescent paper:

Fluorescent paper, also known as fluorescent cardstock or fluorescent poster board, is a type of paper that has been treated or coated with fluorescent pigments or dyes. These pigments or dyes are designed to absorb ultraviolet (UV) light and emit visible light, making the paper appear bright and vivid under UV or blacklight illumination.

1.1.1.Product Features:

a.Vibrant Colors: Fluorescent papers are available in a wide range of vibrant and eye-catching colors, such as neon pink, green, yellow, orange, and more. The intense colors make them highly visible and attention-grabbing.

b.UV Reactive: The paper's ability to react to UV light allows it to glow under blacklight conditions. This property makes it ideal for various applications where visibility in dark or low-light environments is essential.

c.Versatility: Fluorescent paper comes in various sizes and thicknesses, ranging from regular printer paper sizes to large poster board sizes. This versatility makes it suitable for different printing and crafting purposes.


a.Art and Crafts: Fluorescent paper is popular in arts and crafts projects due to its striking colors. It is commonly used for creating posters, banners, party decorations, and signs, adding a vibrant touch to any artistic endeavor.

b.Educational Materials: In educational settings, fluorescent paper can be used to create eye-catching visual aids, educational charts, flashcards, and posters to engage students and make learning more interactive.

c.Events and Decorations: The UV reactive property of fluorescent paper makes it a popular choice for parties, concerts, and other events. It can be used for making invitations, wristbands, table centerpieces, and other decorative items that come alive under blacklight.

d.Safety and Signage: Fluorescent paper is often used for safety signs, warning labels, and emergency exit indicators in public places, as they can be easily seen in low-light conditions or during emergencies.

e.Advertising and Promotions: Businesses may use fluorescent paper for attention-grabbing flyers, posters, and promotional materials, especially when they want to create a visually striking impact.


1.2.Marble paper

Marble paper is a type of decorative paper that mimics the appearance of natural marble stone. It is created by marbling techniques, where colorful patterns are formed on the surface of a water bath and then transferred onto paper. The resulting patterns resemble the veining and swirling patterns found in various types of marble.

1.2.1.Product Features:

a.Authentic Appearance: Marble paper captures the elegant and luxurious look of real marble, with its unique patterns and colors. It provides a cost-effective alternative to using actual marble for decorative purposes.

b.Variety of Designs: Marble paper comes in a wide range of designs, colors, and patterns, allowing users to choose from classic white marble with grey veining to more vibrant and contemporary color combinations.

c.Versatility: The paper is available in different thicknesses, making it suitable for various applications, including crafting, scrapbooking, bookbinding, and home decor projects.


a.Decorative Purposes: Marble paper is commonly used for interior decoration. It can be applied to furniture surfaces, such as tabletops, cabinets, and shelves, to give them an elegant and upscale appearance.

b.Craft Projects: The paper is popular in various craft projects, such as making greeting cards, gift tags, wrapping paper, and origami. It adds a touch of sophistication and uniqueness to handmade items.

c.Bookbinding and Stationery: Marble paper is used in bookbinding to create eye-catching book covers, endpapers, and book edges. It is also utilized in stationery products like notebooks, journals, and diaries for an elegant look.

d.Framing and Art Projects: Artists and photographers may use marble paper as a background or matting material for framing artwork or photographs. Its beautiful patterns can enhance the overall presentation.

e.Home and Event Decor: Marble paper can be used for creating decorative elements in homes, offices, and event venues. It is commonly used for accent walls, party decorations, table settings, and more.


2.Fostering Connections

Sharing a delightful afternoon tea created a unique bond between our team and our British clients. The setting allowed us to understand their preferences, requirements, and vision in a more informal setting, which proved invaluable for fostering strong business relationships.


Our clients commended Shanghai Wallis Plastic company's commitment to excellence and said, "We are highly impressed with the level of professionalism and ingenuity demonstrated by Wallis. Your products truly stand out in the market, and we are excited about the prospect of a fruitful partnership.”

As the visit drew to a close, both parties expressed their eagerness to move forward with the collaboration. Preliminary discussions regarding potential joint ventures and product distribution agreements were initiated, laying the groundwork for a promising future.

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