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100% Virgin White Acrylic Sheet For Bathtub Toilet Shower Trays-WallisPlastic

Sanitary Acrylic Sheet 
100% Virgin Material 
Thickness : 3mm to 10mm
Cut to customized size 
White / Red / Green / Customized Colors 
  • Acrylic Sheet

  • Wallis



When it comes to designing a modern and functional bathroom, selecting the right materials is key. Among the various options available, 100% Virgin White Acrylic Sheets have emerged as a top choice for bathtub, toilet, and shower tray applications.

2.What Are 100% Virgin White Acrylic Sheets?

100% Virgin White Acrylic Sheets are a type of thermoplastic material known for their exceptional clarity and durability. Unlike recycled acrylic, which may contain impurities, these sheets are made from pure, virgin acrylic resin. This ensures a higher level of quality and performance, making them ideal for various applications, including those in bathrooms.


Properties GB Unit Wallis Acrylic
Specific Gravity GB/T1033.1
Refractive Index ISO489:1999
Transmittance GB/T2410 % 93
Haze GB/T2410 % 1
Tensile Strength GB/T1040.1 Mpa ≥70
Modulus of Elasticity GB/T1041 Mpa ≥3100
Bending Strength GB/T9341 Mpa ≥98
Compressive Strength GB/T1041 Mpa ≥130
Elongation at Break GB/T1040.1 % ≥4
Shock Ressistance Strength GB/T14153 30J+1J

Charpy Unnotched

Impact Strength

GB/T1043.1 kJ/ ≥17
Rockwell Hardness GB/T3398.2
Barcol Hardness GB/T3854




Vicat Softening


GB/T1633 ≥110

Coefficient of Thermal


GB/T1036 % ≤7

Maximum Recommended

Continous Service Temperature


Coefficient of Thermal


W/m.k 0.18
Specific Heat

Water Absorption GB/T1034 % 0.3
Fire Ressistance GB8624
Prevent Scuffing GB/T6739 H ≥5



4.The Manufacturing Process

The production of 100% Virgin White Acrylic Sheets involves several steps, including polymerization, extrusion, and thermoforming. During the polymerization process, acrylic monomers are combined and then polymerized into sheets. These sheets are then carefully extruded and shaped to meet specific size and thickness requirements.

5.Advantages of Using Virgin White Acrylic Sheets

5.1.Durability and Longevity

One of the primary advantages of using 100% Virgin White Acrylic Sheets for bathroom fixtures is their exceptional durability. They are highly resistant to impact, cracking, and chipping, ensuring a long lifespan for your bathtub, toilet, or shower tray.

5.2.Easy Maintenance

Acrylic surfaces are non-porous, making them resistant to stains and easy to clean. A simple wipe-down with a mild cleaning solution is usually all that's needed to keep your bathroom fixtures looking pristine.

5.3.Stunning Aesthetic Appeal

Virgin White Acrylic Sheets offer a sleek and modern appearance that can elevate the overall aesthetics of your bathroom. Their high-gloss finish and pure white color add a touch of luxury to any space.

Sanitary Acrylic sheet (3)
Sanitary Acrylic sheet (8)

6.Applications in Bathrooms

6.1.Acrylic Bathtub

Acrylic bathtubs made from 100% Virgin White Acrylic Sheets are lightweight yet sturdy. They can be molded into various shapes and sizes, allowing for customization to fit any bathroom design.

6.2.Acrylic Toilet

Acrylic toilets are gaining popularity due to their smooth, seamless design, and ease of cleaning. They are also quieter during flushing compared to traditional ceramic toilets.

6.3.Acrylic Shower Trays

Acrylic shower trays provide a comfortable and safe surface in the shower area. Their non-slip properties enhance safety, and they are available in a range of sizes to accommodate different shower configurations.



7.Comparing Virgin White Acrylic Sheets to Other Materials

7.1 Acrylic vs. Porcelain

Compared to porcelain, acrylic is lighter and less prone to chipping or cracking. It also retains heat better, providing a more comfortable bathing experience.

7.2 Acrylic vs. Fiberglass

While both materials are lightweight, acrylic is generally more durable and resistant to scratching and fading. It is also easier to repair minor damage to acrylic surfaces.

7.3 Acrylic vs. Ceramic

Acrylic bathroom fixtures often cost less than ceramic ones. They are also easier to install due to their lighter weight.

8.Cost Considerations

While 100% Virgin White Acrylic Sheets may have a higher upfront cost than some other materials, their long lifespan and ease of maintenance can lead to cost savings in the long run. Additionally, their versatility allows for various design options, making them a valuable investment for your bathroom.

9.Environmental Impact

Acrylic is a recyclable material, and using 100% Virgin White Acrylic Sheets can contribute to sustainability efforts. Many manufacturers also focus on reducing their environmental footprint during production.


In conclusion, 100% Virgin White Acrylic Sheets offer a range of benefits when used for bathtub, toilet, and shower trays in your bathroom. Their durability, ease of maintenance, and aesthetic appeal make them a popular choice among homeowners and designers. Consider these sheets for your next bathroom remodeling project to enjoy both functionality and style.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1.Is a 100% Virgin White Acrylic Sheet better than traditional porcelain for a bathtub?

While both have their advantages, acrylic sheets are often preferred for their durability, lightweight nature, and heat retention properties.

2.Can I repair minor scratches on an acrylic shower tray?

Yes, minor scratches on acrylic can often be buffed out with a polishing compound, restoring the surface to its original condition.

3.Are acrylic toilets as durable as ceramic ones?

Acrylic toilets are durable and less prone to chipping or cracking compared to ceramic toilets. They also offer easier maintenance.

4.Do acrylic materials yellow over time?

Properly maintained acrylic materials should not yellow over time. They are designed to retain their color and clarity.

5.What is the average lifespan of a 100% Virgin White Acrylic Sheet?

When well-maintained, 100% Virgin White Acrylic Sheets can last for many years, often exceeding a decade or more.