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Cut To Size 0.8mm To 12mm Extrude Acrylic Sheet

Extrude Acrylic Sheet 
100% Virgin Material 
Thickness : 0.8mm to 10mm
Cut to customized size 
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  • Extrude Acrylic Sheet

Extruded Acrylic Sheet

Shanghai Wallis Extruded Acrylic sheets are manufactured by continus Extrude process. Acrylic or PMMA granules are heated to liquid ,then extrude through a series of rollers into sheet format.


Extruded sheets have a better tolerance on thickness than Cast Acrylic sheet .

If you very care on the thickness tolerance ,then Extrude Acrylic Sheet is the best choose .

Shanghai Wallis Extruded Acrylic Sheets are transparent, moisture-resistant, and about half the weight of glass. Extruded Acrylic Sheet is easy to bend, cut, glue, polish, and thermoform, making it ideal in greenhouse glazing, shed and garage window installation, or indoor applications.

Also Extruded acrylic sheet is available in many colors, patterns, and textures and can be ordered in custom sizes and thicknesses.


  1. 1)    optical and transparency .

  2. 2)    Up to 17 times the impact resistance of ordinary glass.

  3. 3)    Half the weight of glass .

  4. 4)    High resistant to many different chemicals ,good for UV printing .

  5. 5)    Uniform Thickness Control

  6. 6)    Lead time is short .

Extrude Workshop : 


MMA Material 

Extrude Acrylic Sheet

Extrude Machine 

Extrude Acrylic Sheet

Extrude Machine 

Acrylic Sheet (1)Acrylic Sheet
4mm Acrylic Sheet

4mm Acrylic Sheet 

Application  : 

Acrylic display For Mobile

Mobile Holder 

color acrylic sheet (7)

Acrylic Chair

Acrylic Display

Acrylic Display 

color acrylic sheet (4)

Acrylic Stand Display 

color acrylic sheet (8)

Acrylic light 

color acrylic sheet (5)Acrylic Box


§  Retail and Optical displays

§  Signs with Printing

§  Photo Frame

§  Room Dividers for store

§  Sun and wind screens

§  Skylights

§  Interior insulating windows

§  Storm door windows

§  Fascia panels

§  Dome structures


Regular Sizes 





Customized Size Is Welcome

Density : 1.2g/cm^3

Thickness : 1mm –8mm

Color :Clear , Customized Colors .

Surface : Glossy , Matte ,Embossed

Package and Shipping :

Acrylic Pallet Package     Customized Cut Size
Acrylic sheet Package         Pallet Package 
PMMA 1 Pallet Package 
Cast Acrylic Package       Container Package

Company Profile

Shanghai Wallis Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer with 7 plants ,in full series of high quality Plastic Sheets, including PVC SHEET ,PET/PETG SHEET, ; POLYCARBONATE SHEET , ACRYLIC SHEET, CARD BASE MATERIAL ,FINISHED PLASTIC PRODUCTS to offer you Advanced and Competitive Products with professional service.