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Anti Scratch PETG Film Laminated on MDF Board To Make Decorate Panel-wallis

  • High Glossy / Skin Touch / Matte Surface 
  • Clear / Full Colors 
  • Material : PET / GAG / PETG 
  • Roll / Sheet 
  • Thickness : 0.15mm -- 1.5mm 
  • Size : Popular is 1250mm Width and 250 Meters per roll 
  • Feature : Anti-Scratch ( 1H to 3H) , Anti-Fingerprint, Stain-Resistant ,Easy To Clean 
  • Application : Laminated on MDF / PVC Boards ( Furniture and decorative Panels) 
  • Wallis -Anti-Scratch PETG Sheet

  • Wallis



Decorative panels are widely used in residential and commercial spaces, including homes, offices, hotels, and retail stores. These panels serve multiple purposes, from adding aesthetics to providing functional solutions. One of the key factors in designing decorative panels is durability. Users want panels that can withstand daily wear and tear while maintaining their original appearance.


High Glossy Or Matte Surface 

Transparent / Customized Opaque Colors 

Non-Toxic , Eco-Friendly 

Anti-Scratch / Anti-Fingerprint / Anti-Stain / Easy To Clean .

No Dent , No Black Point  

Good to laminate on MDF / PVC Boards / Decorative Film 

Widely used on Furniture Panels .

3.Character :

Density : 1.37g/cm^3

Format : Both Roll and Sheet Format Available .

Thickness: 0.25mm to 1mm

Dimension : 1220x2440mm , 1250mm Width , 1260mm Width , Customized Size 

Surface : High Glossy Or Matte , with Anti-Scratch Coating 


4.Understanding the Benefits of PETG Film for Decorative Panels

PETG film, short for polyethylene terephthalate glycol-modified film, is a thermoplastic polymer that possesses exceptional properties suitable for decorative applications. It offers high impact resistance, optical clarity, and excellent formability, making it an ideal choice for laminating on MDF boards.

By laminating PETG film on MDF board, you can enhance the panel's durability and resistance to scratches, abrasion, and chemicals. This makes PETG film laminated panels suitable for high-traffic areas where there is a risk of scratches or damage.

5.Enhancing Durability with Anti-Scratch Properties

One of the key advantages of using anti-scratch PETG film for laminating decorative panels is its ability to resist scratches and abrasion. The PETG film acts as a protective layer, preventing the underlying MDF board from getting scratched or damaged. This is particularly beneficial for high-traffic areas or environments where there is a higher risk of surface abrasion.

The anti-scratch properties of PETG film ensure that the decorative panels retain their original appearance and remain visually appealing over time. Whether it's in a residential setting or a commercial space with heavy foot traffic, anti-scratch PETG film laminated panels offer durability and longevity.

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6.Application Areas for PETG Film Laminated MDF Board

PETG film laminated MDF board finds application in a wide range of settings due to its versatility and aesthetic appeal. Some common areas where these decorative panels are used include:

6.1Interior wall cladding:

PETG film laminated MDF panels can transform plain walls into visually striking features, adding depth and texture to the interior spaces.

6.2Furniture manufacturing:

These panels are utilized in the production of cabinets, countertops, tabletops, and other furniture pieces, combining functionality with design.

6.3Retail displays:

PETG film laminated panels are commonly employed in retail environments to create eye-catching displays, helping to showcase products effectively.

6.4Exhibition booths:

Exhibitors often utilize these panels to create attractive and durable structures for trade shows, exhibitions, and events.

6.5Hospitality industry:

Hotels, restaurants, and bars can benefit from the aesthetic appeal and durability of PETG film laminated panels in their interior design.

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7.Design Possibilities and Customization Options

PETG film laminated MDF panels offer immense design possibilities and customization options. The combination of PETG film and MDF board allows for the creation of panels with various colors, patterns, textures, and finishes. Whether you prefer a sleek and modern look or a rustic and natural aesthetic, the versatility of these panels enables you to achieve your desired design vision.

Additionally, the PETG film can be easily thermoformed to create curved or shaped panels, expanding the design possibilities even further. This flexibility allows for the creation of unique and personalized decorative panels that can truly enhance the overall aesthetics of any space.

8.Comparing PETG Film Laminated Panels with Other Decorative Materials

8.1High-pressure laminate (HPL):

HPL panels offer durability and a wide range of design options. However, PETG film laminated panels often provide better scratch resistance and can be more cost-effective.


Veneer panels offer a natural wood appearance but may be prone to scratches and require more maintenance compared to PETG film laminated panels.

8.3Acrylic panels:

Acrylic panels offer excellent clarity and a sleek appearance. However, they may be more prone to scratches and can be more expensive than PETG film laminated panels.

9.Environmental Considerations and Sustainability of PETG Film Laminated Panels

In today's environmentally conscious world, sustainability is a significant consideration. PETG film laminated panels offer certain environmental advantages. MDF boards, the substrate used in these panels, are typically made from recycled wood fibers and can contribute to reducing waste.

PETG film itself is recyclable, and choosing suppliers that adhere to responsible manufacturing practices ensures that the panels have minimal impact on the environment. When selecting PETG film laminated panels, inquire about the sustainability certifications or eco-friendly initiatives of the supplier to make an environmentally conscious choice.


Anti-scratch PETG film laminated on MDF board has emerged as an excellent choice for creating durable and visually appealing decorative panels. The combination of PETG film's exceptional properties, such as scratch resistance and formability, with the advantages of MDF board as a substrate, provides a winning solution for various applications.

These panels offer design versatility, customization options, and enhanced durability, making them suitable for a wide range of residential and commercial settings. When selecting PETG film laminated panels, consider factors such as cost, environmental sustainability, and the reputation of the supplier to ensure the best value for your project.



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Safety Package 


1.Are PETG film laminated panels suitable for outdoor applications?

PETG film laminated panels are primarily designed for indoor use. Outdoor exposure to sunlight and weather conditions can affect the appearance and performance of the panels over time.

2.Are PETG film laminated panels fire-resistant?

PETG film itself is not inherently fire-resistant. However, some PETG films used for laminating panels may have fire retardant additives to enhance their fire resistance properties. Check with the supplier for specific fire-rated options.

3.Can PETG film laminated panels be recycled?

Yes, PETG film is recyclable. However, the recycling process may vary depending on the recycling facilities available in your area. Check with local recycling centers or waste management authorities for proper disposal and recycling guidelines.

4.Can PETG film laminated panels be used in wet areas such as bathrooms or kitchens?

While PETG film laminated panels offer moisture resistance, they are not completely waterproof. Extended exposure to moisture or direct contact with water may affect the adhesive bond and potentially damage the panels. It's advisable to use appropriate waterproofing measures in wet areas.