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PVC ID Card 125khz PVC Smart NFC RFID Blank Card-WallisPlastic

The 125khz PVC Smart NFC RFID blank card incorporates two significant technologies: Near Field Communication and Radio-Frequency Identification
  • WLS-PVC Card


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1.What is a PVC ID Card?

A PVC ID card is a type of identification card made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a durable and flexible material that can withstand everyday wear and tear. These cards are widely used for personal identification, employee badges, membership cards, access control, and more. They are commonly used in educational institutions, corporate offices, healthcare facilities, government organizations, and events.

2.Understanding 125khz PVC Smart NFC RFID Blank Card

The 125khz PVC Smart NFC RFID blank card is an advanced version of the traditional PVC ID card. It incorporates two significant technologies: Near Field Communication (NFC) and Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID). The 125khz frequency allows for seamless communication between the card and compatible devices within a short range, making it ideal for access control and contactless payments.

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3.Advantages of PVC ID Cards

PVC ID cards offer several advantages that make them the preferred choice for identification purposes. Some of the key benefits include:


PVC cards are highly durable, ensuring they can withstand daily usage without getting damaged easily.


These cards can be easily customized with individual's names, organizations' logos, and other relevant details.


PVC ID cards are cost-effective, making them suitable for bulk orders without breaking the bank.

3.4.Security Features: 

Advanced security features, such as holograms, magnetic stripes, and embedded chips, help prevent counterfeiting and unauthorized access.


PVC ID cards are small and lightweight, allowing users to carry them conveniently in wallets or cardholders.

4.Common Uses of PVC ID Cards

PVC ID cards find applications in various industries and scenarios. Some of the common uses include:

4.1.Employee Identification

In corporate settings, PVC ID cards are used to identify employees and grant access to restricted areas.

4.2.Student ID Cards

Educational institutions issue PVC ID cards to students, enabling them to access campus facilities and attend events.

4.3.Membership Cards

Gyms, clubs, and organizations use PVC ID cards as membership cards to keep track of their members.

4.4.Access Control

PVC ID cards with RFID technology are extensively used for access control in buildings and secure areas.

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5.The Importance of NFC and RFID Technology

NFC and RFID technology have transformed the capabilities of PVC ID cards. Here's why they are crucial:

5.1.Contactless Communication

NFC and RFID enable contactless communication, reducing the need for physical swiping or insertion.

5.2.Enhanced Security

The advanced technology enhances security by making it difficult for unauthorized individuals to duplicate or forge cards.

5.3.Efficient Access Control

NFC and RFID technology facilitate quick and efficient access control, especially in high-traffic areas.

6.Different Types of PVC ID Cards

PVC ID cards come in various types, each serving different purposes. Some popular types include:

6.1.Proximity Cards

Proximity cards work by holding the card near a reader, allowing the data to be transmitted without physical contact.

6.2.Smart Cards

Smart cards, with embedded microprocessors, can store and process data, making them suitable for multifunctional applications.

6.3.Magnetic Stripe Cards

Magnetic stripe cards use magnetic technology to store data and are commonly used for access control and time tracking.

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PVC ID cards, especially the 125khz PVC Smart NFC RFID Blank Cards, have revolutionized the way we approach identification and access control. Their versatility, durability, and security features make them indispensable in various industries. Whether for employees, students, or loyalty programs, PVC ID cards offer a reliable and efficient solution for personal identification needs.

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Office Stationery A3 A4 Size Plastic PVC Binding Cover

Package :

Packed in safe with export quality pallets ,make sure no broke on the surface .

Office Stationery A3 A4 Size Plastic PVC Binding Cover


1.Are PVC ID cards water-resistant?

Yes, PVC ID cards are water-resistant, ensuring they remain intact even in humid conditions.

2.Can PVC ID cards be reused?

In most cases, PVC ID cards can be reused and reprogrammed for different purposes.

3.What is the typical lifespan of a PVC ID card?

With proper care and handling, PVC ID cards can last anywhere from 3 to 5 years.

4.Can I print PVC ID cards using a standard inkjet printer?

No, PVC ID cards require specialized printers like thermal transfer or dye-sublimation printers for proper printing.

5.Can I track employee attendance using PVC ID cards?

Yes, by integrating RFID technology into PVC ID cards, employee attendance tracking becomes possible and efficient.