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High Quality White Blank Inkjet Printable PVC Card-WallisPlastic

Blank PVC Card let your ID card making more easy in office or home, you can design your ID card and print it by yourself with a inkjet printer or ID card printer.
  • WLS-PVC Card


Printing Type:


In the world of printing and personalization, finding the right materials is crucial to achieve professional results. When it comes to creating unique and customized cards, the quality of the printing surface plays a significant role. One such material that stands out is the high-quality white blank inkjet printable PVC card. In this article, we will explore the features, benefits, and applications of this versatile printing medium.

Product name

White Blank PVC/ PET / Polycarbonate / Card


PVC / PET / Polycarbonate Sheet


Ideal support for outstanding printouts


85.5*54*0.76mm, 0.84mm as credit card size; customized; irregular shape


0.38mm, 0.76mm, 0.84mm, Customized

Printing way

Thermal Transfer Printed by Zebra, Hiti, Fagoo Printer

Inkjet Printing by Epson

2.Features of High-Quality White Blank Inkjet Printable PVC Cards

High-quality white blank inkjet printable PVC cards come with several notable features that make them an ideal choice for printing needs:

2.1. Premium Quality PVC Material

These cards are made from premium-quality PVC material, ensuring durability and longevity. The sturdy construction of the cards makes them resistant to wear and tear, ensuring that your printed designs remain intact.

2.2. Inkjet Printable Surface

The inkjet printable surface of these cards provides excellent color reproduction and image sharpness. The surface has been specially treated to absorb ink quickly and prevent smudging, resulting in professional-looking prints.

2.3. White Background

The white background of the PVC cards offers a clean and neutral canvas for your designs. It enhances color vibrancy and allows your printed images and text to stand out prominently.

2.4. Standard Card Size

The cards are available in the standard CR80 size, which is the same size as a credit card. This makes them compatible with most card printers and accessories, ensuring hassle-free printing and compatibility.

2.5. Water and Fade Resistance

The inkjet printable PVC cards are water and fade-resistant, making them suitable for various applications. Whether they are used for identification cards, membership cards, or event passes, the prints will remain intact even when exposed to moisture or sunlight.

3.We can offer 3 types of blank Card

  • White blalnk Card

  • white blank card with Hico or Loco Mag stripe

  • WHite Blank Card with Chip

blank Card

Blank Card

blank mag card3

Hico Mag stripe Blank Card

blank chip card

Blank Card with Chip

4.Benefits of Using Inkjet Printable PVC Cards

Using high-quality white blank inkjet printable PVC cards offers numerous benefits for businesses, organizations, and individuals:

4.1. Customization

Inkjet printable PVC cards allow for complete customization. Whether you need to print company logos, employee names, or event details, these cards provide the flexibility to create personalized designs that suit your specific requirements.

4.2. Professional Appearance

The high-resolution printing capability of inkjet printers combined with the smooth surface of PVC cards ensures professional-looking results. The prints are sharp, vibrant, and visually appealing, leaving a lasting impression on recipients.

4.3. Cost-Effectiveness

Inkjet printable PVC cards are a cost-effective solution for printing personalized cards in small to medium quantities. They eliminate the need for outsourcing card printing, reducing expenses and providing greater control over the printing process.

4.4. Versatility

These PVC cards find application in various industries and settings. They can be used for employee identification cards, access control cards, loyalty cards, gift cards, visitor passes, and more.

4.5. Easy Printing Process

Printing on inkjet printable PVC cards is a straightforward process. With compatible inkjet printers, you can easily load the cards and print directly onto their surfaces. The cards' smooth and flat texture ensures smooth feeding through the printer, minimizing the risk of paper jams or misalignment.

5.Applications of Inkjet Printable PVC Cards

The versatility of high-quality white blank inkjet printable PVC cards makes them suitable for a wide range of applications. Some common uses include:

5.1. Identification Cards

These cards are commonly used for employee ID badges, student IDs, or visitor passes. The ability to print names, photos, and other relevant information on the cards makes them an effective means of identification and access control.

5.2. Membership and Loyalty Cards

Businesses can utilize inkjet printable PVC cards to create membership or loyalty programs. These cards can feature unique barcodes or QR codes for tracking and rewarding customer loyalty.

5.3. Event Passes

Whether it's a conference, concert, or sporting event, inkjet printable PVC cards can serve as professional-looking event passes. They can include event details, attendee names, and even custom designs to enhance branding.

5.4. Gift Cards

Inkjet printable PVC cards are an excellent choice for gift cards. They offer a blank canvas for personalized messages and can be customized with unique designs or branding elements.

5.5. Promotional Cards

Businesses can use inkjet printable PVC cards as promotional tools. By printing discounts, special offers, or unique codes on the cards, they can incentivize customers and drive sales.


6.How to use our PVC blank Card?

  1. If your PVC card is Thermal sublimation printing type

    thermal printing

  2. If your PVC card is inkjet printing type

inkjet printing

7.Our RFID Card producing

offset printing

Offset printing

wire embedding

wire embedding

Mag stripe bonding

Mag Stripe Bonding



card cutting

CR80 Card Cutting

Card inspecting



High-quality white blank inkjet printable PVC cards offer a versatile and professional solution for printing personalized cards. With their premium PVC material, inkjet printable surface, and durability, these cards ensure vibrant and long-lasting prints. Whether for identification, membership, events, or promotions, inkjet printable PVC cards provide a customizable and cost-effective option.


1.Can I print on both sides of inkjet printable PVC cards?

Yes, inkjet printable PVC cards can be printed on both sides, allowing for additional design elements or information to be included.

2.Are inkjet printable PVC cards compatible with thermal printers?

No, inkjet printable PVC cards are specifically designed for inkjet printers. Thermal printers require thermal-sensitive surfaces, which differ from the inkjet printable surface of PVC cards.

3.Can I use inkjet printable PVC cards for outdoor applications?

While inkjet printable PVC cards are durable, prolonged exposure to sunlight and harsh weather conditions may cause the prints to fade or deteriorate. It is advisable to use them for indoor applications or provide additional protective measures if using them outdoors.

4.Are inkjet printable PVC cards reusable?

Inkjet printable PVC cards are typically designed for one-time use. However, if the surface is not damaged or marked, you may be able to erase the existing print and reuse the card.