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Hot Selling Matte Pet Sheet Film for Printing Folding Box-Wallis

  • Clear / White/ Red/ Black/ Full Range Colords
  • Roll / Sheet
  • Thickness : 0.15mm -- 6mm
  • Sheet SIze: 700x1000mm , 1000mmx2000mm , 1220x2440mm ,Customized
  • Roll Size: 50mm to 1280mm width
  • Application : Print , Vacuum Forming , Thermoforming , Package, Die Cut and so on
  • Wallis -PET Sheet

  • Wallis

  • PET Sheet


1. Introduction

Matte PET sheet film is a versatile and cost-effective packaging material that provides a smooth, non-glossy finish to printed folding boxes. It is made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET), a strong and transparent thermoplastic polymer. The matte finish offers a touch of elegance and sophistication to the packaging, making it visually appealing for various industries.

2. Understanding Matte PET Sheet Film

Matte PET sheet film is created by adding a fine particle or chemical matte agent during the extrusion process. This agent scatters light on the film's surface, reducing glossiness and creating a desirable matte appearance. The film retains the inherent properties of PET, such as excellent mechanical strength, dimensional stability, and chemical resistance.

matte pet1
matte pet3

3. Benefits of Matte PET Sheet Film for Printing Folding Boxes

3.1 Enhanced Visual Appeal

One of the significant advantages of using matte PET sheet film for printing folding boxes is its enhanced visual appeal. The non-glossy surface reduces reflections and glare, allowing the printed graphics and text to stand out prominently. This adds a premium touch to the packaging, attracting customers' attention and influencing their purchasing decisions.

3.2 Durability and Strength

Matte PET sheet film offers exceptional durability and strength, ensuring that the folding boxes remain intact throughout the supply chain. It provides resistance against tearing, puncturing, and impact, protecting the enclosed products from damage during handling and transportation. This durability makes matte PET sheet film suitable for various industries, including food, electronics, and pharmaceuticals.

3.3 Excellent Printability

Another advantage of matte PET sheet film is its excellent printability. The smooth surface allows for high-resolution printing with vibrant colors and sharp details. Whether it's intricate designs, logos, or product information, matte PET sheet film ensures that the printed graphics appear crisp and visually appealing. This enhances brand visibility and helps convey the desired message effectively.

3.4 Eco-Friendly Option

Matte PET sheet film is also an eco-friendly option for printing folding boxes. It is recyclable, which means it can be collected, processed, and reused to create new products. By choosing matte PET sheet film, businesses can contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious packaging solution, reducing their carbon footprint and promoting a circular economy.

4. Applications of Matte PET Sheet Film in Printing Folding Boxes

Matte PET sheet film finds extensive applications in various industries for printing folding boxes. Let's explore some of the key sectors where it is commonly used:

4.1 Food and Beverage Packaging

Matte PET sheet film is well-suited for food and beverage packaging, providing an attractive and hygienic solution. It ensures the integrity and freshness of the packaged products while offering a visually appealing presentation on store shelves. Matte PET sheet film is resistant to moisture, oil, and grease, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of food and beverage items.

4.2 Electronics Packaging

Electronics products require packaging that offers both protection and aesthetics. Matte PET sheet film provides excellent protection against scratches, dust, and electrostatic discharge. It also allows for high-quality printing of branding elements and product information, creating a visually appealing package that enhances the perceived value of electronic devices.

4.3 Personal Care Product Packaging

In the personal care industry, packaging plays a crucial role in capturing consumers' attention. Matte PET sheet film offers a luxurious and premium appearance for personal care products such as cosmetics, skincare items, and fragrances. The matte finish adds a touch of sophistication, making the packaging stand out on retail shelves and enticing potential buyers.

folding box 10
folding box 9

folding box 8
printing 1

5. Choosing the Right Matte PET Sheet Film for Printing Folding Boxes

When selecting matte PET sheet film for printing folding boxes, several factors should be considered to ensure optimal results. These factors include:

5.1 Thickness and Gauge

The thickness and gauge of the matte PET sheet film determine its strength and durability. Thicker films offer enhanced rigidity and protection, making them suitable for heavier or more fragile products. The gauge should be chosen based on the specific requirements of the folding boxes and the weight of the contents.

5.2 Transparency Level

While matte PET sheet film has a non-glossy surface, it can still offer varying degrees of transparency. Consider the desired level of transparency for your folding boxes. Some applications may require a completely opaque film, while others may benefit from a semi-transparent option that allows for partial visibility of the packaged product.

5.3 Surface Texture

Matte PET sheet film can have different surface textures, ranging from fine to coarse. The texture affects the tactile experience of the packaging and can add a unique aesthetic appeal. Consider the desired feel and visual effect when selecting the surface texture of the film.

5.4 Chemical Resistance

In certain industries, such as pharmaceuticals or cosmetics, folding boxes may come into contact with chemicals or substances that could potentially affect the film's properties. Ensure that the chosen matte PET sheet film exhibits the required chemical resistance to maintain its performance and appearance.

6.Company Profile

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7. Conclusion

Matte PET sheet film is a hot-selling option for printing folding boxes due to its enhanced visual appeal, durability, excellent printability, and eco-friendly characteristics. Its applications span various industries, including food, electronics, personal care, and pharmaceuticals. By considering factors such as thickness, transparency, surface texture, heat resistance, and chemical resistance, businesses can select the right matte PET sheet film for their specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.Can matte PET sheet film be recycled?

Yes, matte PET sheet film is recyclable and can be reused to create new products, promoting a more sustainable packaging solution.

2.How does matte PET sheet film compare to other packaging materials?

Matte PET sheet film offers enhanced visual appeal, durability, and excellent printability compared to other materials. It provides a premium look and protects the packaged products effectively.

3.Can matte PET sheet film be used for transparent packaging?

Matte PET sheet film is inherently non-transparent. However, there are semi-transparent options available that allow for partial visibility of the packaged product.

4.What are the printing limitations of matte PET sheet film?

Matte PET sheet film may slightly soften fine details and edges in the printed graphics due to its non-glossy surface. Design elements should be adjusted accordingly to ensure optimal visual impact.