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Thermoforming Anti-scratch PET sheet for printing manufacturers-Wallis

PET(polyethylene terephthalate) sheet is a clear, rigid, and lightweight plastic sheet, that is widely used for packaging foods, Printing, Bending, Blister,Folding box,Tags,Cards,Vacuum forming packaging,etc.
  • Transparent PET printing sheet


  • Transparent PET printing sheet


Thermoforming Anti-scratch PET Sheet for Printing Manufacturers


Thermoforming anti-scratch PET sheet is a type of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) sheet that is specifically designed to resist scratches and provide excellent print quality. PET is a durable and transparent material widely used in the packaging industry. By incorporating anti-scratch properties, thermoforming PET sheet becomes an ideal choice for printing manufacturers who require scratch-resistant surfaces for their products.

Product Name Thermoforming  Anti-scratch PET Sheet for Printing Manufacturers
Material 100% raw materia vacuum forming PET material 
Color Transparent, or customized
Application Vacuum forming packaging, Printing, Bending, Folding box, Cards, Blister etc.
Special Performances  clear Rigid hard , Anti-fog , Anti-UV, Waterproof ,Anti-scratch,  Transparent high glossy, High temperature Resistance ,Double-sided Matte,  Frosted, Conductive.  Cold resistance, Heat resistance
Width 0.3-1.4m or customized
Thickness 0.15~3mm or Customized
Sample Time 1-3 days
Delivery Methods Ocean shipping ,air transportation, express
Payment Term T/T, L/C, Western Union, Paypal
Mass Production Lead Time 3-15 days depend on order quantity
Certificate ROHS,MSDS,TDS,SGS,ISO9001
Packing Packing in rolls and plastic pallet,pp woven with PE film and strape on pallet for each roll

2.Understanding Thermoforming Anti-scratch PET Sheet

Thermoforming anti-scratch PET sheet is produced through a specialized manufacturing process that enhances its scratch resistance. The sheet is composed of multiple layers, with the top layer featuring a robust anti-scratch coating. This coating provides a protective barrier against scratches, ensuring that the print remains intact and pristine even under challenging conditions.

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  • It has high strength and stiffness

  • It is very strong and lightweight & hence easy and efficient to transport

  • It has good moisture barrier properties

  • It exhibits excellent electrical insulating properties

  • PET has broad range of use temperature, from -60 to 130°C

  • it has higher heat distortion temperature (HDT)

  • It has low gas permeability, in particularly with carbon dioxide

  • PET is suitable for transparent applications, when quenching during processing

  • PET doesn't not break or fracture.

    can be used as glass-replacement in some applications

  • It is recyclable 



4.Benefits of Thermoforming Anti-scratch PET Sheet for Printing Manufacturers

1.Scratch Resistance: Thermoforming anti-scratch PET sheet offers superior scratch resistance, ensuring that the printed graphics and text remain undamaged, even in high-contact applications.

2.Enhanced Print Quality: The anti-scratch coating on the PET sheet prevents any distortion or damage to the print, resulting in vibrant and accurate colors with excellent clarity.

3.Durability: Thermoforming anti-scratch PET sheet is highly durable, making it suitable for various printing applications where long-lasting performance is essential.

4.Versatility: This sheet can be easily thermoformed into different shapes and sizes, allowing printing manufacturers to create customized products with ease.

5.UV Protection: Thermoforming anti-scratch PET sheet can be designed with UV-resistant properties, ensuring that the print remains vibrant and fade-resistant, even when exposed to sunlight.

5.Applications of Thermoforming Anti-scratch PET Sheet


Printing manufacturers can use thermoforming anti-scratch PET sheet to produce scratch-resistant packaging materials for various products. It provides an added layer of protection during transportation and handling.

2.Signage and Advertising: 

Thermoforming anti-scratch PET sheet is ideal for creating durable and eye-catching signs and advertisements. Its scratch resistance ensures that the graphics and messages remain clear and legible even in outdoor environments.

3.Protective Covers:

 Thermoforming anti-scratch PET sheet is commonly used to manufacture protective covers for electronic devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and touch screens. The scratch-resistant surface ensures that the screens remain free from scratches and damage.

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6.Environmental Sustainability of Thermoforming Anti-scratch PET Sheet

1.Energy Efficiency:

The manufacturing process of thermoforming anti-scratch PET sheet requires less energy compared to other materials such as glass or metal. This contributes to lower carbon emissions and energy consumption.

2.Reduced Environmental Impact:

PET is a non-toxic material that does not release harmful substances during production or disposal. It has a lower environmental impact compared to materials like PVC or certain plastics.

3.Lightweight Design:

Thermoforming anti-scratch PET sheet is lightweight, which reduces fuel consumption during transportation and lowers the carbon footprint associated with logistics.

7.About us

   Shanghai Wallis Technology Co., Ltd. is the professional manufacturer with PET sheet roll, PET film, with more than 10 years experience to offer you Advanced and Competitive PET products

Regarding all materials ,we can offer Customized . As we have CNC machine, Laser machine ,Diamond Poliser ,Silk Print Workshop , UV Printer , so we can produce as your request


8.Shipping Time

  • By sea:  10-25days

  • By air transport:  4-7days

  • Internation express, like DHL,TNT, UPS, FEDEX, 3-5 days .

9.Our Package

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Thermoforming anti-scratch PET sheet including durability, versatility, and UV stability, make it an ideal choice for various printing applications such as point-of-purchase displays, packaging, signage, and protective covers. Moreover, its environmental sustainability, recyclability, and energy efficiency contribute to a greener printing industry.