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Sunlight Polycarbonate Hollow Corrugated Wall Sheet-wallis

Twin-walls polycarbonate sheet
Triple-walls polycarbonate sheet
Four-walls polycarbonate sheet
Honeycomb polycarbonate sheet
  • Thickness: 3.0-12.0 mm Twin-wall. / 16mm, 20mm Triple-wall.
  • Width: 2100mm.
  • Length: 5800mm, 11800mm.
  • Color: Clear, Opal, Blue, Green, Bronze.
  • Wallis -Hollow Polycarbonate Sheet

  • Wallis

  • Hollow Polycarbonate Sheet

Width :
Length :

In the realm of construction materials, innovation is the key to progress. One such revolutionary product that has gained prominence in recent years is the Sunlight Polycarbonate Hollow Corrugated Wall Sheet. These sheets are not just a construction element; they are a game-changer. Let's delve into the intricacies of these sheets and understand why they are transforming the way we build.

1.Defining Sunlight Polycarbonate Hollow Corrugated Wall Sheets

Sunlight Polycarbonate Hollow Corrugated Wall Sheets are a modern architectural marvel, crafted from high-quality polycarbonate materials. These sheets feature a unique hollow and corrugated design, setting them apart from traditional building materials.

Product Type



1) twin-walls polycarbonate sheet



2) triple-walls polycarbonate sheet



3) four-walls polycarbonate sheet



4) honeycomb polycarbonate sheet



5) 5 layer honeycomb polycarbonate   sheet



6) X-structure polycarbonate sheet



7) solid polycarbonate sheet


  (Usually 1220*2440mm, 2050*3000mm)

8) corrugated polycarbonate sheet



9) locking-design polycarbonate   sheet



B. Length

No limit(Recommend 5800, 6000,   11800, 12000mm to suit 20'container &40'container).

C. Color

Clear/Transparent, Lake Blue,   Green, Blue, Opal, White, Brown/Bronze,Silvery Gray, Red, Yellow, etc.

Polycarboante sheet

2.Advantages of Sunlight Polycarbonate Hollow Corrugated Wall Sheet

2.1.Durability and Weather Resistance

Impact Resistance

One of the standout features of these sheets is their exceptional impact resistance. Unlike glass, sunlight polycarbonate sheets can withstand substantial force without shattering, providing an added layer of safety to buildings.

UV Protection

The sheets are also designed with built-in UV protection, ensuring that the material does not degrade under prolonged exposure to sunlight. This UV resistance contributes to the longevity of the sheets, making them a durable choice in various weather conditions.

2.2.Energy Efficiency

Natural Light Utilization

One of the key benefits of these corrugated sheets is their ability to harness natural light effectively. This not only reduces the need for artificial lighting during the day but also creates a visually appealing and energy-efficient environment.

Thermal Insulation

Beyond light utilization, sunlight polycarbonate sheets provide excellent thermal insulation. They help maintain a comfortable temperature within a building, contributing to energy savings on heating and cooling.

Hollow Polycarbonate Sheet (2)

Yellow Twin Wall

Hollow Polycarbonate Sheet (3)

Smoke Twin Wall

Hollow Polycarbonate Sheet (5)

Red Twin Wall

Hollow Polycarbonate Sheet (6)         Clear Twin Wall
Triplewall Polycarbonate1 Triple Wall
Hollow Polycarbonate Sheet (4)             Four Wall
微信图片_20210807163209           Honeycomb 


3.Applications in Construction

From residential homes to commercial spaces and even greenhouses, the applications of Sunlight Polycarbonate Hollow Corrugated Wall Sheets are diverse. Their versatility makes them a go-to choice for architects and builders looking to enhance both aesthetics and functionality in their projects.

Polycarbonate Separate






4.Aesthetics and Design Flexibility

4.1.Varied Applications in Architecture

Sunlight polycarbonate sheets find application in diverse architectural scenarios, from residential skylights to commercial greenhouse roofing. The design flexibility they offer allows architects to explore creative possibilities, enhancing the visual appeal of structures.

4.2.Customization Options

Architects and builders appreciate the customization options available with sunlight polycarbonate sheets. Various thicknesses and colors cater to specific design requirements, providing a tailored solution for every project.

5.Environmental Friendliness


Sunlight polycarbonate sheets are eco-friendly, being fully recyclable. This not only reduces environmental impact but also aligns with the growing emphasis on sustainable building practices.

5.2.Reduced Carbon Footprint

The manufacturing process of these sheets is designed to minimize carbon footprint, further solidifying their status as an environmentally responsible choice.

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In conclusion, sunlight polycarbonate hollow corrugated wall sheets represent a revolution in modern architecture. From their durability and energy efficiency to design flexibility and environmental friendliness, these sheets tick all the boxes for the contemporary builder. As architects and builders continue to seek sustainable and innovative solutions, sunlight polycarbonate sheets stand as a shining example of progress in the industry.


Anti-static 4
anti-static 6
anti-static 5


1.Are sunlight polycarbonate sheets suitable for all climates?

Sunlight polycarbonate sheets are designed to withstand a variety of climates, but it's essential to choose the appropriate thickness and insulation based on specific environmental conditions.

2.Can these sheets be used for residential applications?

Yes, sunlight polycarbonate sheets are versatile and can be used in residential settings, providing natural light and energy efficiency.

3.What is the typical lifespan of sunlight polycarbonate sheets?

With proper maintenance, sunlight polycarbonate sheets can last for several decades, making them a durable long-term investment.

4.How do these sheets contribute to energy efficiency?

By harnessing natural light and providing thermal insulation, sunlight polycarbonate sheets reduce the need for artificial lighting and heating or cooling, contributing to energy savings.

5.Are there any restrictions on customization options?

No, architects and builders can choose from a wide range of thicknesses and colors to suit the specific design requirements of their projects.