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0.178mm 0.254mm White Teslin Paper for ID Card Making-wallis

White Teslin Paper, with its 0.178mm and 0.254mm thickness options, empowers ID card manufacturers to create cards that align with their specific needs

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When it comes to creating durable and secure ID cards, the choice of substrate material is paramount. White Teslin Paper, known for its exceptional characteristics, has emerged as a favored option for many ID card manufacturers. Its versatility, coupled with varying thicknesses like 0.178mm and 0.254mm, has made it a go-to solution for different card types and security levels.

2.The Significance of Thickness in ID Card Making

The thickness of the card material plays a crucial role in defining its durability, rigidity, and intended application. ID cards can range from basic visual identification to advanced security cards with embedded technologies. This is where the choice between 0.178mm and 0.254mm Teslin Paper becomes pivotal.


3.Advantages of 0.178mm White Teslin Paper

3.1.Enhanced Flexibility and Durability

The 0.178mm variant of White Teslin Paper strikes a balance between flexibility and sturdiness. It is suitable for applications where cards might undergo bending or slight flexing. This thickness is often preferred for standard visual identification cards.

3.2.Ideal for Single-Sided Printing

The 0.178mm thickness is well-suited for single-sided printing needs. It allows for high-quality graphics and text printing on one side while maintaining a professional appearance.

3.3.Suitable for Basic Security Applications

For scenarios requiring basic security features like QR codes or barcodes, the 0.178mm White Teslin Paper provides adequate support. It ensures durability while accommodating essential security elements.

4.Benefits of 0.254mm White Teslin Paper

4.1.Robust Construction for Longevity

The 0.254mm variant offers enhanced durability, making it suitable for cards that need to withstand tougher conditions. It's an excellent choice for cards carried daily, exposed to various environments.

4.2.Double-Sided Printing Capabilities

With its increased thickness, this variant allows for double-sided printing without compromising print quality. This is particularly advantageous for cards with extensive information or branding on both sides.

4.3.Suitable for Advanced Security Needs

When advanced security features such as embedded RFID chips or holographic overlays are required, the 0.254mm White Teslin Paper provides the necessary substrate strength to accommodate these elements.

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5.Comparing the Two Thicknesses

The choice between 0.178mm and 0.254mm Teslin Paper hinges on several factors. Consider the card's intended usage, the level of security required, and the overall aesthetic when selecting the appropriate thickness.

6.Applications of White Teslin Paper in ID Card Making

White Teslin Paper's versatility extends to various ID card applications:

6.1.Corporate ID Cards: 

With the ability to incorporate branding elements and security features, Teslin Paper is ideal for corporate identification.

6.2.Student and Faculty Identification: 

6.2.1.Access Control Cards: Teslin Paper's security features are well-suited for access control and restricted areas.

6.2.2.Membership Cards: Loyalty programs and membership cards can integrate security and aesthetic elements seamlessly.

6.2.3.Healthcare and Patient IDs: The robustness of Teslin Paper ensures that critical healthcare information remains intact.


7.Printability and Graphics

White Teslin Paper's micro-porous structure ensures crisp and vibrant printing results, regardless of the chosen printing technique. It supports both dye-sublimation and direct-to-card printing methods.


8.Security Features Integration

Teslin Paper can accommodate various security features, including watermarking, holographic overlays, and UV printing. These features enhance the card's security and authenticity.

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9.Maintaining ID Card Quality and Longevity

Whether you choose 0.178mm or 0.254mm Teslin Paper, proper care and storage will prolong the life of the ID cards. Avoid exposing them to extreme temperatures or abrasive surfaces.


White Teslin Paper, with its 0.178mm and 0.254mm thickness options, empowers ID card manufacturers to create cards that align with their specific needs. From durability to security features, it offers a versatile solution that caters to various industries. The choice between these thicknesses ultimately rests on the card's intended usage and required security level.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: Can Teslin paper be used for other applications besides RFID cards?

A: Yes, Teslin paper's properties make it suitable for various applications like labels, tags, and more.

Q2: Is Teslin paper environmentally friendly?

A: Teslin paper is considered more environmentally friendly compared to traditional PVC materials often used in cards.

Q3: Can I print on Teslin paper using a regular inkjet printer?

A: While possible, it's recommended to use a printer compatible with Teslin paper for optimal results.

Q4: Are there any security features inherent to Teslin paper?

A: Teslin paper's durability and resistance to tampering contribute to security, but additional security features can be added during the card production process.