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Offsent Printing Polycarboante Sheet For ID Card Making-WallisPlastic

​​​​​​Polycarbonate (PC) polymers or simply polycarbonate is an increasingly popular choice in many countries worldwide, as it significantly enhances the level of ID document security.

It has won the trust of many governments around the globe.

  • WLS-PC Sheet




In the world of ID card making, one crucial element is the printing material used for the card's surface. Offsent printing polycarbonate sheets have gained significant popularity due to their durability, security features, and aesthetic appeal.

2.Overview of Offsent Printing Polycarbonate Sheet

Offsent printing polycarbonate sheets are specifically designed for use in the production of identification cards. These sheets are made from high-quality polycarbonate material, which provides excellent durability and resistance to wear and tear. Offsent printing refers to a technique where ink is transferred from a printing plate to a rubber blanket and then onto the polycarbonate sheet, ensuring precise and vibrant printing.






1.22 ±0.05

Tensile Strength








Surface Dyne



pc sheet
pc sheet1

3.The Advantages of Offset Printing for ID Cards

Offset printing offers several advantages for ID card production:

3.1.High-Quality Results

Offset printing produces sharp and vibrant images, ensuring that ID cards have a professional look and feel.

3.2.Consistent Color Reproduction

The color consistency achieved through offset printing ensures that every ID card matches the intended design.

3.3.Cost-Effective for Bulk Production

Offset printing becomes more cost-effective as the volume of ID card production increases.

3.4.Wide Range of Substrates

Offset printing is compatible with various substrates, including polycarbonate sheets, which are ideal for ID card making.

Wallis' polycarbonate sheet has excellent strength and wear resistance, high temperature resistance, Applicable to ID cards, driving licenses, passports, etc.

Offset Printing1


4.The regular size of Polycarbonate offset printing sheet:

0.15mm / 0.22mm/ 0.3mm thickness * 485 * 295mm

0.15mm / 0.22mm/ 0.3mm thickness * 480 * 300mm

0.15mm / 0.22mm/ 0.3mm thickness * 595 * 505mm

0.15mm / 0.22mm/ 0.3mm thickness * 340 * 420mm

0.15mm / 0.22mm/ 0.3mm thickness * 420 * 297mm

Wallis has many cooperation with foreign stated owned enterprise, we offered a sophisticated solution for all layers of PC ID card, including laserable or non-laserable polycarbonate film, polycarbonate offset printing sheet, Polycarbonate core sheet.

5.Security Features and Durability

Offsent printing polycarbonate sheets are designed with various security features that enhance the integrity of ID cards. These features include holographic overlays, UV printing, microprinting, and laser engraving. Such measures make it extremely difficult for counterfeiters to replicate or tamper with the cards, ensuring the security of sensitive information.

Furthermore, the durability of offsent printing polycarbonate sheets allows ID cards to withstand daily wear and tear, including exposure to water, UV rays, and chemicals. This longevity significantly reduces the need for frequent card replacements, making them cost-effective in the long run.

6.The Benefits of Polycarbonate Sheets for ID Card Making

Using polycarbonate sheets for ID card making offers numerous benefits:


Polycarbonate sheets are highly resistant to scratches, ensuring that ID cards maintain their integrity over time.

6.2.Security Features

Polycarbonate sheets can incorporate various security features, such as holograms, UV printing, and microtext, enhancing the security level of ID cards.

6.3.Tamper Resistance

Polycarbonate sheets are difficult to tamper with, making it challenging for counterfeiters to replicate or alter ID cards.


ID cards made with polycarbonate sheets have a longer lifespan compared to those made with other materials.

pc sheet3
pc sheet2

5.Enhancing Security Features with Offset Printing and Polycarbonate Sheets

Combining offset printing with polycarbonate sheets allows for the integration of advanced security features into ID cards. These features can include:


Three-dimensional holograms provide a visually striking and tamper-evident security feature.

5.2.UV Printing

UV-responsive inks and designs are invisible under normal light but become visible under UV light, enhancing authentication.


Tiny text or patterns that are difficult to replicate with standard printing methods add an extra layer of security.


Raised or sunken elements on the card surface offer a tactile security feature that is hard to reproduce.

6.Features of Offsent Printing Polycarbonate Sheet

6.1.High Impact Resistance

Polycarbonate sheets can withstand high impact, making them resistant to cracking and breaking.

6.2.Optical Clarity

The sheets offer excellent optical clarity, ensuring the printed details are sharp and easily readable.

6.3.Security Features Compatibility

These sheets can be easily integrated with various security features like holograms, UV printing, and laser engraving.

6.4.Customization Options

Polycarbonate sheets can be customized with unique designs, logos, and personalization elements.

6.5.Easy Printing and Lamination

Offsent printing polycarbonate sheets allow for seamless printing and lamination processes, resulting in professional-looking ID cards.

7.Applications of Offsent Printing Polycarbonate Sheet

7.1.Government IDs

National identity cards, driver's licenses, and passports often utilize offsent printing polycarbonate sheets due to their durability and security features.

7.2.Educational Institutions

Student ID cards and staff identification badges benefit from the durability and customization options offered by polycarbonate sheets.

7.3.Corporate IDs

Offsent printing polycarbonate sheets are used in corporate environments for employee ID cards and access control systems.


Polycarbonate ID cards are widely used in the healthcare sector for patient identification, access control, and medical records.



Offsent printing polycarbonate sheets offer a reliable and durable solution for ID card making. With their excellent optical clarity, high impact resistance, and compatibility with various security features, these sheets provide an ideal medium for producing professional and secure identification cards. By following best practices and choosing the right materials, you can create ID cards that meet your specific requirements and stand the test of time.

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Q1. Are offsent printing polycarbonate sheets suitable for single-sided or dual-sided ID cards?

Offsent printing polycarbonate sheets are suitable for both single-sided and dual-sided ID cards. The sheets can accommodate printing on one or both sides, depending on your design and requirements.

Q2. Can offsent printing polycarbonate sheets be used with thermal printers?

Yes, offsent printing polycarbonate sheets can be used with thermal printers. However, it's essential to ensure compatibility between the printer and the sheets to achieve optimal printing results.

Q3. How long do ID cards made with offsent printing polycarbonate sheets last?

ID cards made with offsent printing polycarbonate sheets are designed to be highly durable. With proper maintenance and care, they can last for several years without significant signs of wear or fading.

Q4. Can offsent printing polycarbonate sheets be used for contactless smart cards?

Yes, offsent printing polycarbonate sheets can be used for contactless smart cards. The sheets can be customized to accommodate embedded RFID chips or other contactless technologies.