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Double Side Adhesive Photo Album Pvc Sheet For Photobook-WallisPlastic

  • Clear / White/ Red/  Black/ Full Range Colords 
  • Roll / Sheet 
  • Thickness : 0.12mm -- 5mm 
  • Size : 700x1000mm , 1000mmx2000mm , 1220x2440mm ,Customized In Sheet Formal 
  •          600mm width , 580mm width , 800mm width , less than 1280mm 
  • Application : Print , Vacuum Forming , Thermoforming , Die Cut and so on 
  • Wallis -PVC Sheet

  • Wallis

  • PVC Sheet


1.What are Double Side Adhesive Photo Album PVC Sheets?

Double Side Adhesive Photo Album PVC Sheets are specially designed transparent sheets with adhesive backing on both sides. These sheets are made from high-quality PVC material, ensuring durability and longevity. The adhesive backing allows you to easily attach your photos to the sheets without the need for glue or other adhesives. The transparent nature of the PVC sheets ensures that the focus remains on your photographs, creating a visually appealing photobook.

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2.Advantages of Double Side Adhesive Photo Album PVC Sheets

2.1.Ease of Use

Double side adhesive PVC sheets simplify the process of creating photobooks. You can simply peel off the protective layer, attach your photos to the adhesive side, and press them firmly onto the sheet.


These sheets are suitable for various types of photobooks, including wedding albums, travel journals, baby albums, and more. They provide a flexible canvas for your creativity.


PVC sheets offer excellent protection to your photos. They are resistant to moisture, dust, and fingerprints, ensuring that your memories are preserved in their original condition for a long time.

2.4.Enhanced Presentation

The transparent nature of PVC sheets allows your photos to shine without any interference. The adhesive is designed not to show through, ensuring a seamless and professional look for your photobook.


You can easily trim the PVC sheets to fit your desired photobook size, allowing for personalized and unique creations.


3.Durability and Longevity of PVC Sheets

PVC sheets are highly durable, offering exceptional protection for photographs. They are resistant to tears, scratches, and moisture, ensuring that your precious memories remain intact for years to come. The robust nature of PVC sheets shields the photographs from external elements that could otherwise cause damage.

4.Aesthetic Appeal and Visual Quality

PVC sheets add a touch of elegance to photobooks with their glossy or matte finish options. The smooth surface of these sheets enhances the visual quality of printed photographs, making them appear vibrant and captivating. Whether you prefer a classic or modern look for your photobook, PVC sheets offer a wide range of visual possibilities.

5.Enhanced Protection for Photographs

Preserving the quality of photographs is paramount when it comes to photobooks. PVC sheets provide an extra layer of protection against fading, discoloration, and environmental factors such as UV rays. The use of PVC sheets ensures that your photographs remain vivid and true to their original colors over time.


6.Choosing the Right PVC Sheet for Photobooks

When selecting PVC sheet for photobook photo album paper, certain factors should be considered to ensure optimal results.

6.1.Thickness and Weight

The thickness of the PVC sheet determines its sturdiness and level of protection. Thicker sheets provide enhanced durability but may add weight to the photobook. It is crucial to strike a balance between thickness and weight, depending on the intended use and design of the photobook.

6.2.Optimal Size and Dimensions

PVC sheets come in various sizes and dimensions to accommodate different photobook formats. It is essential to choose a sheet that matches the specific requirements of the photobook, ensuring a perfect fit and seamless integration.

6.3.Surface Texture and Coating Options

PVC sheets offer different surface textures and coating options to suit individual preferences. Some may prefer a matte finish for a more subdued look, while others may opt for a glossy or semi-glossy surface to enhance the visual impact. Consider the desired aesthetic outcome when selecting the surface texture and coating.


PVC sheet plays a crucial role in enhancing the quality, durability, and overall appeal of photobook photo album paper. Its exceptional features, including durability, protection, and easy customization, make it an ideal choice for preserving cherished memories. When selecting PVC sheet for photobooks, consider factors such as thickness, size, surface texture, and coating options to ensure the perfect fit for the desired photobook design. By utilizing PVC sheet, you can create photobooks that will stand the test of time, keeping your precious memories safe and beautifully showcased.





FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1.Is PVC sheet safe for long-term storage of photographs?

Yes, PVC sheet is safe for long-term storage of photographs. However, it is crucial to ensure that the PVC sheet used is archival-quality and free from harmful additives that could cause damage to the photographs.

2.Can PVC sheet be used for other purposes besides photobooks?

Yes, PVC sheet has various applications beyond photobooks. It is commonly used in packaging, signage, stationery, and other industries where durability and protection are essential.

3.Does PVC sheet require special handling during printing?

PVC sheet can be printed using standard printing techniques. However, it is advisable to consult with printing professionals or follow the manufacturer's recommendations for optimal results.