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500micron PETG Film Transparent White PETG for Laser Passport-WallisPlastic

500micron PETG film with its unique blend of transparency, durability, and security features.


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In an era where security and authenticity are paramount, the development of advanced identification technologies has become essential. One such innovation is the utilization of transparent white PETG film for laser passports.

2.Understanding 500-Micron PETG Film

PETG, which stands for polyethylene terephthalate glycol, is a versatile thermoplastic polymer known for its remarkable clarity, toughness, and chemical resistance. The 500-micron thickness of the PETG film adds an extra layer of durability, making it an ideal choice for documents that require enhanced security and longevity.

3.The Significance of Transparency and White Color

The transparency of PETG film ensures that important information on the passport remains visible and unaltered. The addition of a white color tint to the film enhances its opacity, providing a blank canvas for laser-engraved information, resulting in a crisp and legible end product.

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4.The Advantages of 500micron PETG Film

4.1.Exceptional Durability

The 500micron thickness of PETG film ensures unparalleled durability. This robustness not only protects the passport's security features but also enhances its longevity, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

4.2.Transparency for Enhanced Security Features

The transparent nature of PETG film allows for the integration of complex security features within the passport. This includes embedding holographic elements, intricate watermarks, and even hidden images, all of which are visible only under specific lighting conditions.

4.3.Tamper Resistance

PETG film boasts remarkable tamper resistance due to its ability to break rather than tear when subjected to stress. This property makes it extremely difficult for counterfeiters to manipulate or alter the passport's integrity without leaving evident signs of tampering.

4.4.UV Resistance

The film's resistance to UV radiation ensures that the security features remain intact and highly visible under various lighting conditions. This is a crucial factor in maintaining the passport's authenticity during both visual and automated inspections.

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5.Laser Passports: Enhancing Document Security

In the realm of identification documents, security is of utmost importance. Laser passports, used for personal identification and travel, require materials that can enhance security while maintaining aesthetic appeal. Here's how PETG film comes into play:

5.1.Tamper-Evident Features:

PETG film can be incorporated with tamper-evident features, making any attempt to alter or counterfeit the passport immediately noticeable.

5.2.Anti-Scratch Surface:

The durable nature of PETG film ensures that the passport remains resistant to scratches and physical damage, extending its lifespan.

5.3.UV Resistance:

UV resistance properties of PETG film prevent fading or deterioration of passport details when exposed to sunlight.

6.Applications Beyond Passports

Diverse Applications of PETG Film

6.1.ID Cards and Badges:

PETG film's transparency and durability make it an excellent choice for producing high-quality ID cards and badges.

6.2.Security Labels:

Its tamper-evident features make PETG film suitable for creating security labels that protect products from counterfeiting and tampering.

6.3.Medical Applications:

PETG film's chemical resistance makes it suitable for medical documents, ensuring crucial information remains intact.

pet card sheet (5)
pet card sheet (6)

7.A New Era of Passport Security

The advent of 500micron PETG film has marked a new era in passport security, effectively addressing the challenges posed by modern counterfeiting techniques. The combination of transparency, durability, and tamper resistance sets a new standard for passport authenticity.


In a world where security and identification are of paramount importance, 500-micron PETG film has emerged as a game-changing solution for crafting laser passports. Its durability, tamper resistance, and enhanced security features make it a prime choice for modern identification needs.

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Q1: Are PETG laser passports accepted internationally?

Yes, PETG laser passports have gained international recognition for their security features and usability.

Q2: Can PETG laser passports be recycled?

Absolutely, PETG is a recyclable material, contributing to environmental sustainability.

Q3: How does laser engraving enhance passport security?

Laser engraving creates indelible marks on the PETG film, making it exceedingly difficult to alter or counterfeit passport information.

Q4: Are PETG laser passports compatible with existing scanning systems?

Yes, PETG laser passports are designed to be compatible with standard passport scanning systems.

Q5: Is PETG film prone to scratching?

While PETG film is highly durable and scratch-resistant, it's recommended to handle laser passports with care to maintain their pristine condition.